Digital Marketing

The precise aim of any form of digital marketing is to create a platform for the targeted, measurable and interactive forms of marketing, where advanced form of digital technology is harnessed to make and retain leads into kinds of potential customers. We build sound customer base by creating more preferences and making the highest benefits from search engine optimization.

Application Management

Application Management

The application management industry has developed rapidly and you need to meet the standard of technological market. Lakki stands for your company and we provide customized application management services. Our tailor-made software services can develop your marketing and infrastructure framework according to the recent industry standard. With upgraded tools and risk-reduction arrangement, we bring to you the finest tales of application management for each of your industry needs.

Tools used in application management:

Lakki has its own technical team who can develop your application management through a wide range of tools.

  • Database management.
  • Content management.
  • Security and privacy management.
  • Information architecture and designs
  • Web services
  • Technological development with Java, Microsoft, Operating system, mainframe and ERP.
  • Quality assurance management
  • Business analytics

Why should you call us for your application development?

When you run any business, you need certain applications that are power-packed, and that can regenerate the outcome according to global standards, we at, enhance your company’s level of functionality, by building a cohesive support which integrates new technical mechanisms for managing a plethora of applications.

  • We provide unlimited and consistent support by leveraging new forms of managing applications, and upgrading the existing order simultaneously
  • What you get, is a coherent combination of user-friendly interface and application tools for managing the basic structural framework of applications

Testing, and applying the correct policies to reap major benefits for the company- this is our motto, and you can consult with our experienced application management facilitators to get the details about a scientific way of application management. We help you to minimize your cost. Lakki always stands for you and meets your customized requirements accordingly. Thus, managing mobility and efficiency by adopting advanced application, and implementing them to meet the desired industry standards- this is what you get at Lakki LLC.

Business Process Outsourcing

If you are wondering about your company’s faltering position company position in the global market and you want to reduce your expenditure, then reliable business process outsourcing partner is necessary for your company. Along with that, it can remove many difficulties like inventory complexity, increasing the visibility, maintaining the organizational security and privacy and delivering an excellent service as per the industry standard.

Lakki LLC has created a unique network in delivering the BPO services for many industries. Our prominent customer reliability standard will make your company proud and we can deliver the most effective business process outsourcing services according to your requirements.

 What do we cover for you?

  •  We work to build a well-integrated network of company professionals, leading to a cumulative annual growth for your outsourcing needs. Innovation for your company and help to improve your organizational standard.
  • Excellent outcome and flexible constructs
  • Global Excellency model as per market orientation
  • Best employees in class

For transformation in indigenous and global business process services, Lakki is the best choice for you. There is no need to spend a hefty amount for this process, and it is very easy to maintain the inventory management system.

The domain specific services are a part of our BPO and we prefer the anti-money laundry process, by incorporating a dynamic framework for front-office outsourcing, and also services related to contact centres. All segments of different industries like banking, finance, insurance, telecom, healthcare, travel and transportation, hi-tech technology, retail and publishing industry, utilities and consumer packaged goods are covered by our business process outsourcing department.

Strategic Services

Strategic Services

Now with advanced technology and superior mobility, cloud computing and managing huge data resources can be done within few seconds. Likewise, effective strategic management is also necessary for any industry. If you want to stay in a prominent position in the global market, then you need us as your strategic service partner. Lakki offers expert strategic management services, which offers innovative IT solutions, intricate domain management, and company stability by creating new revenue systems for your company.

Our strength and capability:

Strategic services mainly focus on your company problems and suggest the solutions. It can happen that, your company faces some loss or difficulties in the IT segment, or in the finance part.  Any kind of barrier needs to be identified at the exact sources, and that should be done by expert strategic management professionals only. We have different strategic personnel, who are experienced in the respective niche, and solve the problem

We provide:

  • Expert strategic plans for information related technological designs, tools and complex technologies
  • Knowledge center and advice-based strategic reports on the specific issues
  • Laboratory and practical oriented result from global center of excellence
  • In-depth field research and market oriented strategic plans
  • Customer’s demands and requirement plans for development and revenue generation
  • Solve the company’s strategic problem on the specific segment with prior discussion and training module
  • Comprehensive training and strategic reports

Right strategic services are always required for every business, because it can manage and increase the productivity, save expenditure and maximize effectiveness as well as performance level of the company. Our strategic service planner will work with you and help you to design, develop and implement the plans afterwards, where your company reaches ultimate success. Lakki LLC offers a wide range of services includes risk management, business transformation, digital service, staff solution, IT policy, infrastructure development, business process, application management and testing services. 

IT Consulting

Driven by collaborative relationships and transparent consultation, we help customers transform their businesses and make them smarter, faster and cheaper.

IT has emerged as a vehicle of business growth for enterprises and corporations and plays a pivotal role in realizing the true potential of businesses. Successful organizations employ effective IT strategy to reap the business advantages that IT brings forth.

IT Consulting as a Driver of Business Transformation:

Businesses are continually facing the challenges brought in by rapidly changing technology landscape. Technological changes are determining the long-term growth of business and how to better meet the stakeholders' expectations. Amidst a myriad of technology options, pushing business on the path to increased efficiency and improved profitability through IT enablement is a complex proposition.

The emergence of disruptive technologies and swift pace of change are making organizations review their business models. While it is critical to embrace change, it is more critical to ensure that contemplated business and technology change can potentially result into efficient operations.

Right and effective enterprise IT consulting and roadmap transform business, optimize gains, streamline processes, infuse efficiency and impact the bottom line as a whole. The rapidly changing market and technology landscape calls for on-going business transformation through effective IT consulting wherein changes need to be addressed strategically.

Business consulting

To succeed in today’s environment, businesses need to lead through increased complexity and volatility, enable collaboration across enterprise functions, develop higher quality leadership and talent, and manage amidst constant change.

Want real business improvement? So you can run your business in a more efficient manner with productive staff and increased profitability.

Think of the advantages of working with someone who has insight into your market and experience of working with people in your industry.

We can help you with Technology Strategy, Risk Management Strategy, Organization and People Strategy

Project consulting

Our project consulting services are focused on effective planning of the projects helping our customer strategy their requirement followed by smooth execution of the projects planned to ensure that there is maximum ROI. Our expert consultants have done it over and again and can meet your requirement plan, implement the project within the timeline and budget.

Process consulting

At Lakki LLC, as part of our process consulting service we focus on stream lining the IT service management processes for your organization. We ensure that all the processes are assessed, analyzed before making any recommendations. This will help us provide core consulting services focused on customer specific processes. This is achieved by following industry best practices and ISO and ITIL aligned framework.

Why Lakki LLC?

  • Lakki is deeply rooted in the ways how IT can be strategically used in enterprise business transformation and has been proudly associated with global corporations in devising their IT strategy and execution roadmap.
  • We provide end-to-end IT consulting services over a spectrum of technologies, platforms and frameworks. By virtue of its deep industry expertise and comprehensive technology capabilities, Lakki has delivered utmost in value to enterprises and accelerated the pace of their business transformations.
  • Lakki offers its highly specialized expertise in IT consulting and offers enabling advice and strategic recommendation. We help customers transform business by facilitating them make radical changes in IT strategy and architecture, and help them leverage emerging technologies.
  • We anticipate, plan, implement and manage change by aligning the business processes in an agile manner
  • Lakki forges collaborative relationships with you and engages in transparent consultation to cater to your unique transformation needs and implements winning edge services for your business.

Staffing Solution

Now in this global market, industries are designed with different segments, and all these parts require experienced professionals in the respective fields. But it is very difficult to manage the staff recruitment and management as your own team. If you want to save your recurrent expenditure then you can avail our Staffing services. Lakki LLC have come up with efficient staffing solutions.


Lakki LLC has been highly regarded for our expertise and innovation in the IT industry for providing the ‘right’ people at 'right' place. Today, we are one of the best technologically innovative companies in offering Staffing solutions. Our experienced recruitment team helps in delivering the right candidates as per the client expectation.


Our Staff Augmentation services provide the opportunity for you to pick and choose the desired skills and services needed for your unique business requirements. Whether your requirements are for short term or long term, we offer certified and experienced professionals who will work with you on-site or remotely to help you meet your typical needs. You won’t have to recruit them, train them or incur any administrative expenses, yet they will work dedicatedly on your projects. Moreover, you will have access to large pool of highly skilled professionals across technologies who are ready to get going from the day one.


Let Lakki IT staff augmentation services ease the pressure to maintain technical staff in-house. Our access to a vast pool of skilled open source resources can be called upon when and where required. With a myriad of skills across most IT competencies, you can be assured that the right professionals will be engaged with no liability/no payroll and no overhead expenses.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO services allow both large and mid-sized companies to attain a world-class recruitment function quickly and efficiently. Our recruitment process outsourcing team works seamlessly within your HR management structure. A comprehensive HR solution can manage the entire recruitment lifecycle for your professional-level staff, or you can selectively use our expertise where your business needs it the most.



  • Companies have to increase their expenditure to have an in house recruitment team and it generally costs a lot.
  • Lakki consultancy services understand the customer’s requirement and design the team accordingly.
  • All major levels of recruitment like, CXOs, MD, Managerial level and head of business are effectively done by our staffing solution.
  • Lakki’ recruiters apply both industry-specific understanding and hiring practice expertise to help you decide which of three methods are Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Full time.

Long term recruitment with us will reduce your unexpected expenditure and turnover.

Testing Services

Now in the latest technological world, it is necessary to remove the major defects occurring on your Business application functionality and operating system. Visitors lose interest because of the redirecting difficulties of your site, and you need to test and optimize your website with modern tools and technology, which improve your visibility on different devices such as mobile, tablet and other media.

Lakki LLC provide software testing services including quality assurance measurement at a high standard quality, low cost, and those having reliability and usability. We have experienced and expert software professionals, who provide you with advanced software testing facility including application development and software backup program. Our potential service offers cross browser testing, application testing and implementation, performance load, compatibility testing and security concern systems. As your outsourcing partner we can test your system, website, application and make you visible to maximum clients.

A dedicated team of First Line testers and QA analysts can work independently or jointly with a client’s in-house QA organization. Our QA engineers have experience and expertise in the following types of testing:

  • Unit
  • Functional / Regression
  • Integration testing
  • Load / Stress
  • Failover / Recovery
  • Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Security

Using a comprehensive set of metrics and a broad range of means, including ongoing internal reviews, joint project postmortems, and others, we will help implement the principle of “reflect and adapt”, an important part of the Agile approach, for continuous process improvement.

What do we offer?

  • Quality assurance: we provide quality assurance and maintenance of your software and website testing process.
  • Test measurement: our expert software professional team monitors and supervises your documentation and software process. We develop your software, customize methodology, design plans according to long term effective tests, and suggest you to improve your application as well as usability.
  • Specialization: security testing, compatibility testing, cross browser testing and user compliance testing can be provided with high class reliability under one roof.
  • Information technology: review, analytics, feedback and certification shall be incorporated with our technical team effectively.
  • Automation: we improve your productivity and decrease your capitalization investment. Our software and technological framework and licensed tools can make your visibility and business reach global success.

Lakki LLC always stand for the success and development of your company. We believe that proper testing solution can remove your hurdles efficiently.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Enterprise Solutions

Lakki LLC is consists of Enterprise Business Solutions, technical specialists focusing on solving the business issues of clients, allowing them to sustain their competitive benefit in an ever changing business environment. 

Beginning any new enterprise is easier, but sustaining it is quite tough. We at Lakki LLC, make all the tried and tested effort to bring around a practical and dynamic solution to your business needs. Hiring manpower and machines require the key individual efforts to bring about a change in the current enterprise solutions, with creative and calculative methods.

  • We help you to harness and implement company potential to contribute to the primary and tertiary industrial and commercial sectors. Our IT teams and professional back up give you the perfect qualitative enhancement for your company.
  • Deciding about risk factors and understanding ways to minimize them, are the main motives of our company, and we aim to excel at reducing risks and enhancing your company potential, through a streamlined method of integrating enterprise transformation services.
  • As part of understanding the security strategies of any company, and implementing them by leveraging the best individual and security potentials, is our achievement, and we have been trying hard since past few years to boost the level of enterprise management through data and value estimate, assessment of probable company lacunae and removing the apparent obstacles to ensure a smooth functioning of any company.

How do we consider the enterprise transformation services?

We have unique combination working codes and a well-fortified data network system and security benefits, which can be applied managing any kind of enterprise transformation.

  • Assessing the risks, and augmenting the positive feedbacks about the enterprise solution
  • Creating a rich potential for the company, to target possible customers and minimize security threats
  • Transforming enterprises on the basis of scientific evaluation, factor analysis and remedial measures that can target the competitive market across a global scenario
  • A sound and proactive company strategy with increase in employee functionality and tracking the maintenance of enterprise transformation services.

Digital Marketing

The precise aim of any form of digital marketing is to create a platform for the targeted, measurable and interactive forms of marketing, where advanced form of digital technology is harnessed to make and retain leads into kinds of potential customers. We build sound customer base by creating more preferences and making the highest benefits from search engine optimization.

We, at Lakki LLC, offer a unique platform for all your digital marketing needs:

  • Creating domains that are based on unique search results, and optimizing your company website to draw the highest traffic rate, with advanced plug-in and social media optimization benefits.
  • Keyword searching tools, effective link building and creating company SEO pages to bring your commercial or industrial endeavor by storing, retrieving and utilizing useful source of information to contribute to your company’s social and web presence.

It is necessary to upgrade your industry as per globalization and market oriented mobility. But it does not mean that you should negate your existing infrastructure and make the whole again. You must think for up-gradation and it can be done digitally and you can meet the global exposure within a short time.  In such regards we, the Lakki consulting service work for you and make your company and brand name digital and global.

Digital marketing focuses on the customer base and our main motive is you increase your clients and customer with just few clicks. The word ‘digital’ does not deliver anything to your customer. Only it can work if you incorporate all tools and upgrade your site in a proper way. So maximum visitors can reach you and you can get the positive result.

Digital marketing and search engine optimization are our forte, and you can trust the online marketing techniques that are harnessed by us. We deliver our digital marketing services in a prominent, effective and informative way.

All your needs including device management, data science, design and business strategies can be developed with our technological experts. We strive to make your company reach the highest competitive success on the digital and virtual world.

Infrastructure Support

We help enterprises to build and manage optimized and trustworthy IT infrastructure by benefiting existing technology sources and emerging trends supporting them to stay responsive to powerful business needs.

Organizations tend to be progressively encountering huge challenges in optimizing IT infrastructure in order to remain agile to an unpredictable business environment. Companies require being able to resist from security risks, minimize operational costs, increase IT performance and Plan for business continuity with regards to potential business expansion.

Lakki Infrastructure Management Services

Our focus is to assist you gain from emerging technologies, bring reliability and align technology with business enterprise priorities. We covers Services Desk, End User Computing, Network Management and Application Support.

We provide the whole bouquet of minimal side solutions with a single window strategy.

Lakki Value Proposal

Help organizations to optimize their IT infrastructures, reduce downtime, enhances business continuity, Minimize security risks and decreases overall cost of ownership.

Enterprise Application Services

It is true that experience matters a lot in the technical field, and we at Lakki Consultancy services, present to you a unique platform for creating the best enterprise application services for all your individual and company requirements.

  • Our years of industry experience and working with different sectors have created a blend of talent acquisition for our company, and also an ability to contribute to any kind of enterprise application service in IT and other companies.
  • The framework and the type and variation of our working methodology is built on a pyramid structure of ongoing requirements of a highly competitive market, so that we at Lakki Consultancy services can offer to you the best benefits of getting a business or an enterprise, that gives you the highest returns on investment.
  • We take every initiative to integrate the latest software solutions, and integrate them according to customized data solutions, to optimize profit and build your company credibility in the global market.
  • Market analysis, understanding the various impediments to enterprise application, and business process management, are done by us, and you can get all the packages at quite affordable rates, especially, if you want to connect to a platform which does not compromise on the quality of work.

Building an application segment and verifying possible threats to a successful enterprise application:

With a well-integrated network of tools and software back-up, we make it possible for you to reap the highest benefits from your enterprise. We regulate and monitor the working of any application, and also analyze and reduce the possible threats to a successful enterprise application. Setting up product evaluation techniques, creating business optimization, building roadmaps to planning a fine capacity for the different ranks in enterprising and creating a collective and collaborative technique to implement the tools, transforming them, and utilizing them for greater benefits, are our forte, and the application of enterprise is done by using tried and tested cohesive formulae.